The 73 Divisions of Islam



Sohbet by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Thursday 21 Muharram, 1431
January 7, 2010
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York.

Auzu billahi min-ash Sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi, Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Whichever Imam that you have followed, you are going to come with them to the Judgment Place. Eh, what about those who are not following Imams? If you are following the Dajjals you are going to come behind them too. You have somebody that you are following. Definitely, people have somebody that they are following. Some like to follow Michael Jackson. Some like to follow Rock `n Roll musicians. Hmm? Some like to follow Turkish arabesques. Arabesques. Imams today look like arabesques. MashaAllah.

Eh, whoever you follow (with him) you are going to come to the Judgment Place. Don’t think that everything’s going to be unorganized there. Everything is, `As I like’ and you are running back and forth. No, no, no, no. Everything is going to be perfectly in order. Those who didn’t learn how to take orders, it’s going to be so hard for them. But there’s going to be special angels waiting, saying, `This way. Don’t pass out of the lines. Follow these steps.’ Everyone is going to go according to their level, according to their Taqwa, following their Imams. It’s not going to be that one whose Taqwa is so low and he’s going to be in the front.

Today’s people are running to be in the front day and night everywhere. But are you having intelligence with you? Why are you running to be in the front? Do you have any power that is given to you? Why are you running in the way of Allah and to be in the front? You cannot even carry your own self. How are you going to carry other people? Huh, if permission is given to you then already it’s showing.

So, Ahir Zaman. We are in the Ahir Zaman. As the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `My nation is going to deviate into seventy-three different ways. One of them will be staying on the Sirat-ul Mustaqim. The rest are in the wrong ways.’ Is that what happened today? Yes. Everyone’s claiming to be that one too. That group. Wahhabis claiming that they are Salafis and they are those ones to be followed. The Alawis are saying, `We are that one’, the Shias are saying, `We are that one’, Hanafis are saying, `We are that one’, people with Mazhabs are saying, `We are that one’, people without Mazhabs are saying, `We are that one’, people in Tariqats are saying, `We are that one’, and everyone’s saying, `We are those ones’. The Prophet (sws) didn’t just leave it open like that. He said, `They will be following, those ones that are from the Firqa-i Najiya, they are the ones who are following my Sunnat and the Sunnat of my Sahaba’. Not only the Sunnat of Rasulullah (sws) but, `the Sunnat of my Sahaba’.

So the Sunnat of the Sahaba is doing what? They were following the Prophet (sws). So they have to have somebody to follow. But inside these groups there are other ones coming out now and saying, `Yes, we have people following’.


`Aaa… you have to speak nicely to everyone. You have to speak delicately to everyone. Please sit and please stand up.’

Hmm. Eh, what kind of Sheykh is that one? What kind of authority is that one? They are saying, `Even if it is the Khalifah it doesn’t matter. Khalifah is not going to use the sword. Khalifah is going to say whatever he wants and people are going to say whatever they want.’ Squareheads! Aren’t you seeing it? The Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `Follow my Sunnat and the Sunnat of my Sahaba’. So what is the Sunnat of the Sahaba? One simple one we are going to mention that the whole world knows, the Wahhabis and everyone also knows. Umar (radiyallahu anh).

When Hazrat Abu Bakr (radiyallahu anh) became Khalifah, did he become weak? No. When he was Khalifah he said, `From now on, although I didn’t want it, but when this position is given to me now and you are all saying okay, from now on what I say, you must follow. As long as I stay in the way of Allah and His Prophet (sws), what orders I give you, you must follow. What I forbid you from, you must run away. And if you do otherwise, I am the Khalifah.’ He said that to who? To all Sahaba there.

And Umar (ra) went one more step saying to them, `Now I am the Khalifah’. And when he was going to make Sohbet to the Sahaba-e Kiram, he was standing, pulling out his sword and sitting and putting it like that (on the floor in front of him), and letting the Sahaba to see the sword. And he was saying to them, `If you don’t listen to what I say through the tongue, I know how to put you back to the line again.’ To who? To the Sahaba-e Kiram, to the Tabiin. He said to them, `You see the sword? I will not hesitate using this sword on you’. Hmm.

Eh, what happened today? Today ignorants and arrogants are saying, `No, you are doing wrong. This is not in Islam.’ Of course, it fits to some feminist women. They like it because some women now want to put feminism in Islam. Hmm. MashaAllah. Where did you see this? Since when? Check the history. You will find out. You will know what had happened in history. So, the ignorants and the arrogants are trying to raise their heads because now they are seeing that real Islam, the Islam with authority in which people no longer say, `I do as I like’ but they are going to do what Allah is ordering and His Prophet (sws). When they are seeing that they know that they are not going to be able to do it. So they are standing against that under the name of Islam. They are all under the feet of the Awliya Allah. Nobody’s going to stop this what is coming. Not them, not their governments because for Islam Allah subhana wa ta’ala now opened the roads saying, `Now move’.

So we have seventy-two different ways, yes. Seventy-two different ways. One group is saying, `We are Muslims but we are Kemalist. We are Muslims but we are Secular. We don’t want Shariat to come. We are Muslims. We pray five times a day but we don’t want Shariat.’ No Shariat means, `We don’t want the laws of Allah. We want our own laws.’ That’s what they are saying, the Seculars and the Laiks. Hmm? Eh, who else? Some say, `We are Muslims but we are Communists.’ Allah, Allah. Some says, `We are Muslims but we are Wolf-heads’. Allah, Allah. Some says, `We are Muslims but we are Nationalists’. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. So more, say. Some say, `We are Muslims but we are Feminists’. `We are Muslims but we are Democrats’. `We are Muslims but we want to elect our own Presidents’. Some say, `We are Muslims but we don’t need Khalifah’. Allah, Allah. Some say, `We are Muslims but there is not need for Khalifah anymore. That was in the old days.’

Some says, `We are Muslims but there’s Democracy in Islam. Don’t you see? Abu Bakr was one party, Ansar was another party’. Ansar are the people of Medina. They are saying, `Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) and the Muhajir were one party, Ansar was another party and the Ahl-il Bayt was another party. Don’t you see? This is Democracy. So they debated, they fought and in the end Abu Bakr won.’ And those ones say, `We are Muslims’. Yes. They say, `We don’t need Khalifah. There’s no need for Khalifah now because we are all Khalifahs now. We do what we want.’ Of course.

And the Zionists are saying to them, `You have to be Muslims but there are some Ayats in the Quran that we don’t like. You should take them out.’ Europe says to them, `Well, we are accepting you as Muslims but how are we going to accept that Ayat in the Quran-e Kerim that’s saying, `BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Inna ad-Dina inda Allah-ul Islam’. How are we going to accept that Ayat that you are saying that in the Presence of your Lord there’s only one religion and it’s Islam. We are not accepting that. We cannot be friends. So what you have to do is, even though it’s there, don’t wake up the Muslims. Leave it there. But stop talking about that Ayat.’

For fourteen hundred years Imams are speaking about that Ayat. In Juma Khutba they are saying that Ayat, `Inna ad-Dina inda Allah-ul Islam’. For fourteen hundred years. Now it’s almost one century. In the early times they chopped it and now everywhere every Imam in the Khutba place stopped using that Ayat. Hmm. And they also removed the Ayat that says, `You have to become martyr in the way of Allah’, because it gives so much energy to these believers that then we cannot stop them. So, we have to stop them.

And they are coming around saying, `We have to moderate Islam and we have to chop here, chop this way, chop that way, and you have to become Modern Muslims. And first you have to be good role models to them’. Saying to Imams and to Sheykhs, `First what you have to do is, you are going to take the Sheytan’s pacifier in your mouths to show that you are modern now because we are also smoking cigarettes. And with the cigarette in your mouth, the beard and the turban are not too good. So then you are going to shave the beard, take out the turban. What is that fourteen hundreds years old look? Get rid of it. You can wear anything else. You can wear the Yahudi hat but don’t wear the turban.’ Hmm? Yes.

`You can wear baseball hat because your head is a ball-head, empty. So wear that. It’s okay. And get rid of those Islamic clothing. What are those baggy clothes? Wearing that, the man is still working something. You have to wear tight jeans that’s cutting off (blood) circulation from your body so that your manhood is going to go away slowly too, because we don’t want too many men around. We want the men to look like women.’ That’s what Sheytan is ordering. Hmm? They are saying, `As long as they are standing as men, how are we going to control them? So the men have to look like and act like women. And the women have to be equal. They have to act like men. They have to fight like men.’

Hmm. These are the orders given by Sheytan. And they are saying, `First, the Imams and the Sheykhs have to do this to become role models to their nation. Later, slowly we can fix you any way we want it. So we are going to come out with the idea of Modern Islam and this way we can control you as we like’. Thuuh to you! To Sheytan and to all those who are supporting that.

Don’t you see that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying to you, `As long as one believer is standing on the face of this earth, I am still going to make this religion to take over the world again and I am going to complete My Nur, My light.’ Don’t you know that Ayat? And the Muslims today are thinking, `Yes, Allah needs us’. No, He doesn’t need you, He doesn’t need me, He doesn’t need anything.

So, who are these Firqa-i Najiya that the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying is staying on the Sirat-ul Mustaqim? He is saying, `Those ones that are going to hold on tightly to my Sunnat and the Sunnat of my Sahaba-e Kiram.’ And the Sunnat is the lifestyle of the Prophet (sws). Sunnat means how the Prophet (sws) lived, what did he eat, how did he eat, when did he walk, where did he work, what did he wear, how did he appear, how did he act, that is the Sunnat of the Prophet (sws).

And in these days also they are trying to make the Prophet (sws) somebody who is very passive (who was just) saying, `Yes, aha, Yes, Yes.’ Don’t you know so many Hadith-e Sharif about the Holy Prophet (sws) that there were times when he was so much through that majestic anger that the Sahaba-e Kiram couldn’t sit in front of him? And when he was talking everything was shaking? What kind of leader he can be that he doesn’t have that majestic power that’s coming? What kind of President, what kind of King, what kind of Head of Army, what kind of father it will be that the father is not going to be able to scream and to be strong to his children? And the children are always going to say, `Oh, my father is just like my mummy’. How foolish is this? Yes, the 21st Century people are falling into this sickness, and because they became like that they are thinking that the whole world is like that. But it’s not. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is keeping some people on the face of the earth and he is keeping them behind the veils.

And the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `In Ahir Zaman when my Sunnat is going to be forgotten…’ Sunnat. What did we say? Is the beard the Sunnat of the Prophet (sws)? Yes. Is the turban? Yes. Is the Miswak? Yes. Is the dress that the Prophet (sws) was wearing? Yes.

`Oh, don’t look at my outside. Look at my heart’.

I am not seeing your heart. Whatever’s in your heart must appear outside. Don’t be a hypocrite believing in some way and living some other way. And if you are believing in Islam and if you are following Islam then you must run to do the orders that the Holy Prophet (sws) is giving. At least if you are not able to do, you should not put yourself in the front to say, `Well, if Prophet (sws) was living in this time he was going to do this and he was going to do that.’ You know what they are saying? `If they Prophet (sws) was living in this time then he was going to live just like the Kafirs’. Hasha Astaghfirullah.

Yes. And today Imams and Sheykhs are saying these words. And a Sheykh has the right to say, because now they have the pacifier of Sheytan. I have to say the other thing but it doesn’t fit now, it’ll be on the video. If they want to hear then they should come to me privately and I will say to them what they are putting in their mouths. Male or female, it doesn’t matter. Who’s saying that you are going to put cigarettes in your mouth? That is the Sunnat? Don’t you know that the Khalifah of Islam has already forbidden that? He has banned that? And if the Khalifah is banning it’s just like the Prophet (sws) and Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) banning. At least say, `It is a bad thing. May Allah forgive me. Maybe I will stop one day.’ Don’t come out to say, `It’s okay’. Say, `Well, I cannot wear this Shalwar today. I cannot wear the Shalwar, I cannot have the beard but I cannot say anything to those ones who are keeping’. Say that at least.

Eh, you say, `It’s okay. Dress is not a problem.’ They say, `Well, outside appearance is not a problem. It’s okay. We can wear it just like the unbelievers.’ That’s not even the Christian way and that’s not the Jewish way. That’s not the (way of) Ibrahimi religions. That’s not how Ibrahim (alayhi salam) was wearing and that’s not the real Christian and Jewish (tradition). The ones that are following, they are wearing (properly).

That’s the secular way. That’s the monkey way. That’s the Darwin way. Do you want more? That is the Zionist way. And they say, `It’s okay’. Then I say to you, `Okay, it’s okay for you to change the dress code because it doesn’t fit to the 21st Century. What about your women? Why they still have to cover themselves? Say to them, `It doesn’t fit. Open your heads, take out your long dresses and wear shorts’. Bring them to the Masjid with that.’ Thuuhh to you!!! Saying the man can do and the woman cannot do. That kind of position you will fall in then when you defend that.

Eh, am I attacking the women who are doing that? No, I am not. As long as they are saying, `What I am doing is wrong. Allah and His Prophet (sws) has ordered otherwise and I cannot do it. But maybe they help me one day and InshaAllah I will do it.’ I say, `MashaAllah. I pray for you then.’ But don’t say, `It doesn’t fit to this time. So, I’m not going to do it. It’s okay’. Eh, step by step they go now saying, `Well, I am not bothering anybody. So I am not drinking whiskey. I am drinking Rakih, Turkish drink. So it’s okay. I am not bothering anybody. Allah is not saying, `Don’t drink Rakih’, He is saying, `Don’t drink wine’, and so I am drinking this, I am not bothering anybody, my head gets okay and I go to sleep. So it’s not Haram’. Hasha Astaghfirullah. Sheytan has so many ways. And yes, they pray also five times a day too. But nighttime, tak tak tak, (going) down. Hasha Astaghfirullah. You cannot stop yourself from those Sheytanic ways and you are calling yourself a believer? What kind of fool you are then? You are just fooling yourself. Nobody else.

So, yes. Those who have fear from Allah, they run to stop themselves from those wrong activities, yes. First they correct themselves. They finish every wrong thing on themselves. Later they try to go correcting others. And step by step. First if they can they control the people in their own household. And in this time Holy Prophet (sws) is not even giving permission for that. This is Ahir Zaman. He is saying, `If you see something wrong, change it with your hand.’ Do you have the Shariat law now? `No.’ Then you cannot change it with your hand. When you see something wrong in the street, you cannot go changing it with our hand. You will be guilty according to the laws of that country. So you cannot. Allah is taking that right away from our hands.

And he said, `Change it through your tongue’. Changing through your tongue is only given to specific people in these days, to say, `These are the orders that the Prophet (sws) is giving and Allah subhana wa ta’ala is ordering. Do’s and Don’ts. If you like then keep it. If you don’t like, it’s up to you’. That’s changing through your tongue. You cannot go forcing people to change it. No. Even if they are your family members you cannot. You just say to them and if they are under your authority and you know that they are still young and they have to depend on you, then you have to say, `I am cutting this and I am cutting that from you’. Those rights that are given to you, cut from that then. You are giving cell phones to them? Take that away. Say, `I am not going to give you cell phone, I am not going to give you computer, I am not going to give you this until you do that.’ That’s all you can do. Not much because the government is also watching you.

So, the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `My Nation is going to reach to a time that they are not going to be able to change it with their hand and they are not going to be able to change it with their tongue. Change it with your heart. Say, `Ya Rabbi, I am running away from these wrong actions. Although I am watching and I am seeing but I am not accepting. I am not accepting this wrong action. I am asking you to protect me from this wrong action’. That is the only thing you can do and that is the time for that.’

So, those people who are following the way of Allah and His Prophet (sws), they have to run to do the Sunnats of Rasulullah (sws) as much as they can. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `My Sunnats are going to be forgotten in Ahir Zaman. If you keep one of them alive, you will be receiving a hundred martyrs’ reward in the Judgment Day’. Yes, the Sunnat of Rasulullah (sws), carrying a beard, is forgotten. People forgot. If you are carrying that then yes, you are receiving that. The Sunnat of the turban has completely been forgotten. If you are carrying that then yes, you are receiving another hundred. The Miswak? They change the Miswak with cigarette. They said to me, `Sheykh, is there any hadith banning the cigarette?’ I said, `You are right. There is no hadith. Only one hadith says that anything that is liquid or otherwise, it’s forbidden to you to drink or intake if it gets you dizzy’. They said, `But the cigarette is not getting me dizzy’. I say, `It will. Pull it like this (a very long pull), keep it inside and look how dizzy you are going to get. I don’t care how many cigarettes you smoked in your lifetime. You are going to get dizzy. Hmm. Don’t smoke one day and the next day do it like this and you will see that you are going to fall down. So you get dizzy. Finished. It’s forbidden to you.’

But they dare to say, `Is there any hadith that is banning cigarettes specifically?’ I say, `Is there any hadith that says to use Miswak?’ They say, `I don’t know’. `Definitely you don’t know any hadith. Then why are you asking? More than 20 Sahih. Leave the rest. More than 20 Sahih. Eh, why did you get rid of this? There are so many hadith. Why did you get rid of this?’ They say, `Well, now we use toothbrush.’ Toothbrush whose bristles are made out of pig. MashaAllah. You don’t even watch that when you go out to buy to see what’s there. Yes.

So, we left the Sunnat of Rasulullah (sws). They left. I am not accepting to say that I left. I am trying my best in every way. Of course, Sunnat is to have good manners. To have good manners, of course. Good manners is not to say to a dog when the dog starts attacking you and barking, `Please doggy, I have good manners. Don’t attack me.’ You have to show the stick at least to say, `I’ll break your neck’. That is good manners. That is intelligence. So when you do this in these days, those squareheads are attacking saying, `Prophet (sws) never did this’.

Yes, so that’s what happened today. And for those, yes, we have so many ways. The real Islam is Firqa-i Najiya, those who are following the way of the Prophet (sws), his Ahl-il Bayt, his Sahaba-e Kiram, Khulafa-e Rashideen and continued coming down until Ulul Hakan Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan. All accepting all Abbasi Khalifahs. All Abbasi Khalifahs, and reaching to Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan. Up till that time people who followed those, they followed it right. After that they left the Khilafat, they left the Sheykhs, they cut the Tariqats, they destroyed everything and people say, `I do as I like’. They learned Islam from where? The internet. MashaAllah. Because they learned Islam through the internet there are internet Sheykhs now. Murids and Sheykhs are writing e-mails to each other and they are trying to learn something. The one that’s trying to teach is more ignorant than the one who’s trying to learn. And they are following each other without knowing, without seeing each other, saying, `Of course I am seeing it. I am seeing it on the internet. Don’t you see?’

Yes, so that is the time that we have reached. So there are so many kinds of Islam. What do we say? There are Kemalist Muslims, there are Secular Muslims, there are Laik Muslims, there are Communist Muslims, there are Fascist Muslims, there are Capitalist Muslims, there are Democrat Muslims, there are Republican Muslims, count. They are (following) Laikism, Monkeyism, Feminism, Darwinism. Yes, there are Darwin Muslims. There are Muslims who are believing that they came from monkeys. They are believing in Evolution. They are Muslims and they pray five times a day, yes. There are Muslims that are believing that Sheytan didn’t do wrong. So they are allies with Sheytan against Allah. There are Muslims that say that Sheytan did it right because Sheytan loved Allah so much that he didn’t want to share the love of Allah with Adam (as). So he had the right to stand up and to declare that he is not making Sejdah to Adam (as). That kind of Muslims.

Clean yourself from all these kinds of nonsense. There is only one kind of Islam. The Islam that the Holy Prophet (sws) brought and he put it saying, `There are 500 good deeds and 800 bad actions.’ And Allah subhana wa ta’ala is definitely guiding those who really wants to be guided in the right way, to the ones that are going to lead them to Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). And Allah is speaking to us through so many Ayats and through those who are following the Sunnat of Rasulullah (sws). Yes.

No man is going to run in the streets today if they are following the good things that the Holy Prophet (sws) has ordered. They are not going to run keeping these Sunnat clothes that I’m wearing. Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, `Carrying the Sunnat clothes will be like carrying fire in your hand.’ Of course it’s more easy for me to shave the beard and wear suit and tie to walk in the streets. Isn’t it more easy? Isn’t it more easy for today’s people when they are seen that they are walking in the streets like that? Of course it’s easier. This is harder. And that’s what the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us. It’s going to be very, very hard. But you cannot drop it. We cannot drop it.

So, there are so many kinds of Islam. Clean yourself from those kinds of Islam. There’s only one kind of Islam. There aren’t so many kinds of Islam. There are so many kinds of Dajjal’s and Sheytan’s ways that are trying to fool people to different directions. There’s only one kind of Islam. The Islam about which the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us, `What I brought to you and my Sahaba’. And it’s coming down until today inshaAllah ar-Rahman.

This much should be enough for you and for me for now. InshaAllah ar-Rahman Allah subhana wa ta’ala will open our way. Definitely we have more difficult ways standing in front of us. Don’t get fooled by Sheytans and Sheytanciks and Dajjals and Dajjalciks. Later you will cry a lot. You cannot say, `I didn’t know’. Allah subhana wa ta’ala is opening ways to everyone and showing signs to everyone.

Look at your sincerity. What are you looking for? When you are looking for a Sheykh too, look at your sincerity, what are you looking for from that Sheykh. What is it that you are trying to get? If you are running to get some kind of extraordinary power, something that’s going to make you better than other people, you are wrong! You are wrong! If you are running to become a servant, to know how to become Abdullah, then yes, you are going to follow a Sheykh and that Sheykh is going to tell you, `This is right and this is wrong! Do this and don’t do this!’ If that Sheykh is not saying that to you, he is not a Sheykh. He is a man with Dunya.

And alhamdulillah I am saying one more time, anyone who’s coming here and they know me and they have fear from me, they should not come here. Anyone who’s coming here and they have fear from Allah, and they feel shame and shy from the Prophet (sws), they should come. But if you have fear from me, what am I going to do to you? Nothing. What can I do to you? Nothing. Even if I have power in my hand I am not going to do anything to you. You are the creature of Allah. He is going to judge you. He is going to reward you. He is going to punish you. I am in that same category. If I did something good, he is going to reward me or He is going to punish me. And I am not doing anything for the reward too. It’s up to Him. If He wants to give reward or He wants to give punishment, that’s up to Him. I cannot say to Him, `I did this good and I want this’. Who are you to do good? If He doesn’t permit you then how are you going to do a good?

So, clean yourself from all kinds of wrong thinking. Definitely Sheytan is going to come whispering so many wrong things. If you want to open door to Sheytan you are welcome. If you want safety from that then say, `Ya Rabbi, this Sheytan is putting this wrong thing to me. Let me go make two Rakats. Let me go make wudu to make two Rakats to say, `Ya Rabbi, I am asking safety from this wrong thinking.” Then you will see that help will reach to you.

Wa min Allahu tawfiq

Bihurmatil Habibi

Bihurmatil Fatiha


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  1. Mashallah, great post loved every moment of it.

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