How “Feminism” Destroyed American Relationships

How “Feminism” Destroyed American Relationships

By Reed Perry

“…FEMINISM in it’s recent construct, has ignored the roles of both men and women, which have existed for millions of years, and indeed the roles that humans innately desire. This ruthless attitude towards so many generations of tradition has lead to social dissolve: loneliness, depression, sluttiness, STDs, AIDs, mass divorces, broken homes, abortions, birth control (which causes cancer), etc. ALL THE WHILE… feminists have acted as-if things like divorce, abortion, and sluts are ACTUALLY GOOD THINGS!

I am more and more believing that young people should settle down and get married early because it is part of the human life-cycle, and forces boys to grow-up from adolescence and become men taking on responsibility. All I see around me are “women” that are less and less worthy of the respect of a woman or wife because they have blown their lives on sex with strangers, abortions, pornography, materialism, and are basically unpaid prostitutes.

Prostitutes may actually represent a more intelligent and dignified version of many of these girls because at least hookers get some tangible pay-off from their services rendered.

The “Sex in the City” and “Friends” ideals of sexual permission and unbridled consumerism by disrespectful money-grubbing women has DESTROYED an entire generation of Americans and it is VERY SAD.

The so-called “sexual liberation” or “feminist movement” is a shallow lie that liberated nothing. It reduced the dignity and importance of women, increased their labor, not lowering it. This movement also confused and disoriented so many young men who now don’t know what to find in a girl and think only about the next hookup, making their future wives chunks of useless meat.

Meanwhile, men remain in the most dangerous jobs, children have no mothers, and relationships crumble at a more rapid rate every year.”

Note: I do not endorse 100% of the views espoused in this article – just enough to post it on here..


2 responses to “How “Feminism” Destroyed American Relationships

  1. This article could not be more right. I am a good looking male in his early 30’s. Ive had plenty of girlfriends and can attest to most of what has been said in said article. these days it seems women are told or taught that they are somehow to good for any guy, that no guy is “worthy” of there hand in marriage. Def domestic violence but not the way you would think. It seems that all this Fronting by women has caused them to punch you in face,scratch,scream if she doesnt get her way,and women think there is nothing wrong with that,and still expect you to treat them with respect,and like a “lady”. yeah they all seem to think they really are princess,but act like savage sluts. Every movie you see is Lesbian normality ,”insemination” parties where men are out of the question.Men portrayed as “dumb”,no emotion,selfish,but when you read the stats and really look at why relationships fail,you see the truth. They seem to be very selfish,admittedly like its a good thing today to treat your man like shit and get yours. Most young women I have dated can not cook,dont know how to sow,and really dont give you real love.Feels very one sided. Shit is really bad out there and I feel sorry for us young men who will never know what its like to date,marry a real women that our grandfathers ,and their grandfathers felt.

  2. I have to agree with everything the above post has stated. I am a 24 year old male, and there are days I feel angry, because I know there is a very very low chance I will ever get a real woman. Feminism has destroyed an entire generation of women, and will probably be the catalyst that causes the white race is almost disappear. These “modern” ideals cause a society to decay. Down with feminism!

    I’d rather be single and alone my whole life instead of wasting my time with a piece of garbage.

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