Open Letter from Shaykh Adnan Kabbani to his brother Shaykh Hisham Kabbani : “Stop polluting the teachings of the Naqshbandi Tariqat”

Assalamu Alaikum,

This letter is from my father, Sheikh Adnan Kabbani and I, Ahmed Rafiudeen , his son am stating that I am publishing this letter to the world and also for Sheikh Hisham Kabbani to read, on the instructions of my father Sheikh Adnan Kabbani. I also state that my father will answer any questions that my uncle Sheikh Hisham Kabbani or anyone concerned with this issue will ask of me. I state this with responsibility and am taking over full responsibility on myself that this letter is genuinely from my father Sheikh Adnan Kabbani.

May Allah bless you.
Ahmed Rafiudeen.
(Son of Sheikh Adnan.)


Assalamu Alaikum,
Dear brother,

In an open letter to those who are attacking Sheikh Hisham, you have said that this letter is sent on behalf of the Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi Order. How can you say this? Are you the head of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order or is Moulana Sheikh Nazim the head of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order. You may have said that it is an open letter from Sufi Live, but to say that it was sent on behalf of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order means that you are saying that this letter is officially from Moulana Sheikh Nazim. This is however not true. You are trying to mislead the murids of Moulana Sheikh Nazim by using these words. This is like you copying videos where Moulana has praised you before and are trying to use it now for this issue.

This praise that comes from Moulana to you was before and it was relating to something else. When someone does something good it is only natural that Moulana praises them. In the same manner Moulana has praised both you and others over and over again. You are using these videos of praise and are trying to show the world that where the WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM issue is concerned that you have been praised for it. This is not true.

These videos showing Moulana praising you was done in some other context. You are misleading people by now trying to show them that Moulana has praised you and implying that Moulana Sheikh Nazim is approving your fake website. Why are you trying to manipulate and use for your convenience what Moulana Sheikh Nazim said to you in another context. Your website where you are now trying to defend yourself carries many videos where Moulana is praising you. This website is named as a “defending” website. To call it a defending website in the manner that you have called it means that you have something to defend. Yes indeed you have. You are trying to defend WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM

Let us come to the point. Show us a video or a sohbet by Moulana Sheikh Nazim where he is praising you in connection with what you are doing with WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM. If you do this, then you are being fair and telling the world the truth. But if on the other hand you are showing many videos, where Moulana Sheikh Nazim is praising you for other things done by you, and if you are trying to get the message across that he is praising you for your part in WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM, then you are only trying to mislead everyone. Don‟t you think that this is a very bad thing to do. People think that they are vey clever and that they can fool everyone by their shrewdness and craftiness. Why are you descending to such low levels when you are dealing with matters that are Divine.

This is not a court house where lawyers are stating their points of view, not caring whether they are lying or not but only to win, and at all cost. This is something else. You must have a fear of Allah Almighty and of the Grandsheikhs of the Naqshbandi Tariqat, and that should be your guide when you say something about their revered teachings. You seem to have no fear whatsoever in trying to put across your point of view at the cost of corrupting the teachings of the Naqshbandi Tariqat.

Let your videos be shown on your website. Let everyone know that Moulana Sheikh Nazim has praised you on many occasions but let them also know that Moulana Sheikh Nazim has never ever praised you regarding what you have done with WW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM. A lot of eye wash is what your website is. I do not say that everything that you have done is wrong. On the contrary, I say that you have done many things for the Tariqat, that deserves praise. But I am sad to say on the issue of WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM and also what you did concerning Haqiqat ul Haqqani by lying about it, you were never praised.

Concerning Haqiqat ul Haqqani, you were guilty of making a lot of Moulana Sheikh Nazim‟s murids disbelieve in the „reality‟ of Moulana Sheikh Nazim. Did you tell the world in your videos or in your sohbets that Moulana Sheikh Nazim approved this book for the second time and that you lied for some reason or other when you did lie about it. Are you now going to tell the world, because you cannot find such videos and sohbeths from Moulana Sheikh Nazim that praised you for going against Haqiqat ul Haqqani, that long ago, in the past that our Grandsheikh Abdullah told you to go against Haqiqat ul Haqqani. Or are you going to tell the world that the Prophet (sal) told you to go against it. The same question I ask you whether our Grandsheikh or the Prophet (sal) tell you to propagate those teachings which you are now trying to propagate through WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM.

Did you tell the world that you are propagating Hindu, Yoga and Buddhist meditation techniques under the name of the Naqshbandi Tariqat in WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM. After having said this, which you did not, did you find any videos or sohbets in which Moulana Sheikh Nazim praised you for going against Haqiqat ul Haqqani and for your part played in the WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM? I am sad to say that I could not find any videos or sohbets or statements made by Moulana Sheikh Nazim in which he is praising you for this.

Moulana Sheikh Nazim has not only spoken about Buddhism but has even given lectures on it. One of the famous lectures that Moulana gave on Buddhism is the lecture of which, the link I am giving here for those who want to see what it is all about. In WW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM however certain meditation techniques are given which I am sure are not even falling into the category of Buddhist meditation techniques.

You say that your teachers are Moulana Sheikh Nazim and Grandsheikh Abdullah (ral) and other than them no one else has the right to criticize you or to find fault with you. You go on to say that the murids should mind their business and not find fault ith you because you are not bound to explain anything to them. That you only deal directly with Moulana Sheikh Nazim. You also say that if anyone has any issue concerning what you are doing they may go to Moulana Sheikh Nazim and complain about you. I say to you that the word „murids‟ does not mean your murids. You do not have any murids. Although I suspect that you have in secret made murids of people, who look upon you as their sheikh, without even acknowledging Moulana Sheikh Nazim to be the Sheikh.

Coming to the point in question, Moulana Sheikh Nazim‟s murids do have the right to question you. You are only, according to your own words, a vehicle which connects murids to Moulana Sheikh Nazim. If you accept this, then you must also accept that if the vehicle takes people in the direction of falsehood, the murids have all the right, not only to question you and to criticize you but also to write against you and talk against you. Who do you think you are. After saying that you are just a vehicle, you now go on to say that none shall be entitled to talk against you. What type of logic is this.

You know that you are not even anything or anyone without Moulana Sheikh Nazim. Your light, like mine, in comparision to the light of Moulana Sheikh Nazim is so very small that you must even feel ashamed to talk about it. But still you have gone on record in stating that, it was you that paved the way for Moulana to visit so many countries, and to be able to reach to, so many millions of people. Is this the understanding that you have of Moulana Sheikh Nazim. You have now put yourself on a pedestal and have begun to not only compare yourself with Moulana Sheikh Nazim, but also made moves to try to show the world that you may even be above him. This is very well brought out in your video concerning the „hero‟. So now the hero wants to rule.

Furthermore, I saw the way you were praising Moulana in a video with superlatives, expecting that Moulana will fall for your praisings and will praise you in return. It was very embarrassing to see how you went out of your way to praise Moulana Sheikh Nazim to his face but without any intention of praising him and instead only to curry favour from him. Even an ordinary man would have understood what you were upto. Just imagine the Sultan ul Awliya, listening to all your praise and knowing what is in your heart.

It is quite a joke if you think that you can treat Moulana Sheikh Nazim in this manner. The picture you created was of a person praising someone who is not intelligent and also praising someone who you thought needed praise. If only you knew the power of Moulana Sheikh Nazim, you would have thought many, many times before you praised him in such a manner. Please remember that if you want to praise Moulana Sheikh Nazim, that you should do it in your heart and he will know of it. Don‟t make a pathetic spectacle of yourself doing such demeaning things as praising a Sultan ul Awliya to his face. Surely you must be thinking he needed it. Please be good enough to change your ways if you want to be one of the favourites of Moulana Sheikh Nazim.

You say that you have a channel to the Prophet(sal). Let me ask you, whether through this channel you were given permission to preach all those teachings which are not Islamic through the WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM. If this is the case, please be kind enough to come out and say it. You know very well, as I do that, this is not the case.

Have you at any stage told the world, that Moulana Sheikh Nazim, told you to propagate those teachings that are found in the offending website. Many people have been asking you about this website and its contents. Still, you have remained silent. Why have you not said anything, on this. This is the burning question of the day and you don‟t want to answer this. Why don‟t you come out and say that the teachings contained in this website are from our Grandsheikh Abdullah (ral). You cannot say this because they are simply not the teachings of our beloved Grandsheikh Abdullah (ral).

A habit in you is that you never answer the question that is asked from you. Instead you give videos of Moulana Sheikh Nazim, praising you, in the past and also going to the extent of making new webpages to defend yourself. You are running away and evading the question at hand. Please be direct. Say simply that these are your Grandsheikh‟s teachings or that they are not your Grandsheikh‟s teachings, but you will anyway propagate it. Always evading, evading and evading the burning question that is tearing the Naqshbandi Tariqat apart. Many people are putting their trust in you. Still to even those who trust you and who are still looking at you for a proper answer, you are keeping them waiting and doing your evading trick.

Now about titles. Moulana Sheikh Nazim says that people should not run after titles. He says that these titles are not worth anything at all unless given by Allah Almighty. But you love to recite your titles before doing your sohbeths in countries that you visit. This normally goes on for over twenty minutes. Moulana Sheikh Nazim has said that people cannot concentrate for more than forty five minutes and as such, to try to put in everything you have got to say into that forty five minutes. How can you do this when for over twenty minutes you make people announce your, man given titles, and put them to sleep even before starting your sohbets. Don‟t you know that Moulana Sheikh Nazim has said that one should not try to manifest oneself. Either he manifests himself or he manifests, his sheikh. In your case it is just projecting and trying to manifest yourself. The people in the audience feel very embarrassed when you do this.

But how will you know this because you are hell bent on getting across your importance to the audience.

I mentioned above that you praise Moulana Sheikh Nazim too much on the phone in order to get praised by him. Let me make a suggestion. The next time you speak to Moulana Sheikh Nazim on the phone, please have the same video recorded, and be sure to ask him about WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM and its fake meditation techniques. Tell Moulana Sheikh Nazim that you have done a great job in trying to propagate these teachings through this website to the world. Tell him that people are going against you because you are doing this and fighting and cursing you for doing this. Let us then see what Moulana Sheik Nazim has got to say. Please be good enough to tell Moulana Sheikh Nazim also that these are the teachings of Grandsheikh Abdullah (ral) and the Golden Chain, because you must be thinking in your muddled mind that they happened to be the teachings of our Masters. See then the reaction of Moulana Sheikh Nazim. When is this going to take place. Lets hope it is soon. Then the world will know of you.

You know as well as I do that I visit Moulana Sheikh Nazim in Lefke and also talk to him both in public and private.

Only two weeks ago I was with Moulana Sheikh Nazim in Lefke. I state that I have been ordered by my Master and Sheikh who is Moulana Sheikh Nazim to tell the world about the fake teachings found in the WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM. I am therefore fulfilling his order. It is only a matter of time till, when Moulana Sheikh Nazim will make an open statement on this matter. Before this happens please be good enough to change yourself and also to save face. Once this happens and once when Moulana Sheikh Nazim publicly declares WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM to be a website that carries non Naqshbandi teachings, you will not have any place to run to.

So I ask you to even at this late moment tell the world the truth about this website and disassociate yourself with it. Sooner or later this will happen.

There is no way that Moulana Sheikh Nazim is going to allow these teachings to be mixed with the pure Naqshbandi teachings. Again my advice to you, because you know as well as I do that the teachings contained in WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM are certainly not our beloved Grandsheikh Abdullah (ral)‟s teachings. Do you think that Moulana Sheikh Nazim is going to allow you to continue corrupting the teachings of his Grandsheikh who he loves and respects so much. Tell me, what is the gain that you are getting out of this. Is this gain that you are getting out of this, so big, that you want to change the great teachings of the Naqshbandi Order. I cannot understand your thinking.

We were both students under Sheikh Abdullah (ral). We both loved and respected him. He gave to us many favours and he was generous and kind to us. Is this the way that we repay him. We should be doing all what we can in propagating our great Grandsheikh‟s teachings. Instead you are being so ungrateful, that you are corrupting the most holy teachings, of our venerated Grandsheikh Abdullah (ral). Did you not write the biographies of the forty Grandsheikhs. Is this not sufficient for you to know their greatness. Is this the way you want to thank your Grandsheikh. What did he not give you, when he was with us. Can‟t you for a moment go back to the past and recollect his fond memory and his great love for us.

Please, I implore you, drop these crazy teachings and return to the great teachings of our beloved Grandsheikh, whom we both love and respect. You must know more than others, that today all teachings except the Naqshbandi teachings have lost their power. Knowing this, why are you trying to propagate something that has no value. You have the intelligence to know that when Seyyadina Mahdi (alai) comes he will be giving power through the pure teachings of the Naqshbandi Tariqat. What is making you go astray . Do you know that thousands upon thousands of people are now following the teachings found in WWW.NURMUHAMMAD.COM? Where is all this going to take them. Who is responsible for this. Who is ultimately answerable for this. Today we see internal conflict within this Tariqat. This is the only Tariqat that is preaching the truth today, with any power. Why are you trying to take this away from the world. Is this not what our beloved Prophet (sal) fought for. Are you not misleading his ummath, for which he always cared so much. What is your motive in doing what you are doing. These are questions that you must ask yourself and answer to the world instead of running around the bush, in trying to praise Moulana, and try to get back praise from him.

You are my blood brother. It is hard to go against you. In the light of what you are doing and in the light of Moulana Sheikh Nazim‟s instructions to me I am compelled to go against you on this matter. I am not asking you anything else.

I am only asking you to stop polluting the teachings of the Naqshbandi Tariqat. Both you and I gave our lives to this Tariqats and its teachings. Both of us were honored in this world due to the place that our Grandsheikh, gave to us.

Both of us are known in the world today because of our dear Grandsheikh. Otherwise we would have been non entities. This alone should be enough for us to sincerely and honestly carry on the heritage of our great Grandsheikh.

I, today, go against you because of the love that I have for my Grandsheikh Abdullah (ral), for my Sheikh Moulana Sheikh Nazim and for the love that I have for the Naqshbandi Tariqat and for Haqq. May Allah guide you on the right path.

Sheikh Adnan Kabbani.


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