Husn al-Dhann in the Nasab

Imam ibn Hajar said:

And it has been said, that the reason for honoring the pigeons of the Haram is that they are from the lineage of the two pigeons that nested on the Cave of Thawr in which the Prophet salla Allahua alayhi wa ‘alaa Aalihi wa sallam disappeared when he left for the Hijra. And you know that Husn al-Dhann suffices us, and it is not for us to look into the correctness of their nasab.

And Imam Ibn al-Jawzi rahimahullah said in his book al-Multaqat:

There was a man from the Alawites (meaning: a descendant of sayyidna Ali ibn Abi Talib may Allah ennoble his face) who moved to Balkh (the home town of mawlana Jalaluddin ar-Rumi, in present day Afghanistan) and he had a wife and daughters. The man died.

His wife said: So I left with the girls to Samarqand, fearing the malevolence of the enemies, and I arrived at a time of severe coldness, so I took the girls to a Mosque and went to try and find them some food. So I found the people surrounding a shaykh, so I asked about him and they said: this is the shaykh of the town! So I went to him and explained to him my situation.

He said to me: “Prove to me that you are Alawite”. And he did not give me any attention.

So I went back to the Mosque, and on the way, I saw an old man sitting down, surrounded by men. So I said: who is this? They said: he is the tax collector of the town, and he is a Magian. So I said to myself: Perhaps he is the one who can save me. So I went to him and told him of my situation and what happened to me with the shaykh of the town, and that my daughters are in the Mosque, with nothing to eat.

So he called for his servant and said to him: Tell your lady (i.e. the Magian’s wife) to put her clothes on.

So she wore her clothes and came out with her maidservants.

So he said to her: Go with her to the Such-and-such Mosque and take her daughters to our house.

So she came with me and took my daughters to their house, and he gave us a room in his house, and let us go into the Hammam, and and clothed us with expensive clothes and gave us all kinds of delicious foods.

So in the middle of the night, the Muslim shaykh of the town saw as if the Day of Rising had come, and the banner was above sayyidna Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa ‘alaa Aalihi wa sallam. And the Prophet turned away from him. So he said: Oh Messenger of Allah, do you turn away from me and I am a Muslim man?

So the Prophet said to him: Prove to me that you are a Muslim.

This confused the man, so the Messenger of Allah salla Allahu alayhi wa ‘alaa Aalihi wa sallam said to him: Did you forget what you said to the Alawite woman? And this Palace is for the old man in whose house she is in now.

So the man woke up, crying, and went by himself looking for the Alawite woman. He was told that she was in the house of the Magian. So he came to him and said: Where is the Alawite woman?

So he said: At my house.

He said: I want her!

So he said: That is impossible.

He said: This is a thousands dinars, and you give her to me!

So he said: No, by Allah, not even by a hundred thousand dinars!

So when the shaykh insisted the Magian said to him: That dream that you saw, I saw it also, and the Palace that you saw for me is real. And you think you are better than me in your Islam. By Allah she did not enter our house without all of us becoming Muslim at her hands, and her blessings coming down upon us. And I saw the Messenger of Allah salla Allahu alayhi wa ‘alaa Aalihi wa sallam and he said to me: This palace is for you and your family because of what you did with the Alawite woman, and you are of the people of Paradise, and Allah created you believers.


– From: An-Nafahaat al-Shaadhiliyya fee Sharh al-Burda al-Busiriyya, by the imam, the muhaddith, shaykh Hasan al-’Adawi al-Hamzaawi


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