A man came to the spiritual master, the guide to Allah, Shams ad-Din Muhammad al-Hanafi (radi Allahu ‘anhu), and said to him: “Sayyidi, I have many children and I am very poor, so teach me Alchemy!”

So the shaykh said to him: “Stay with us an entire year, with the condition that every time you break your wudu, you renew it and pray two rak’a.”

So he did that.

When one day was left of the year, the man came to the shaykh and the shaykh said to him: Tomorrow your need will be fulfilled.

So when he came to him the next day, he said to him: Go to the well and fill this bucket with water for wudu. So when he pulled the bucket out of the well, he found it filled with gold!

He said: Oh sayyidi, I do not have a single remaining hair on my body that desires it anymore!

So the shaykh said: Pour it back, then go back to your country, for you, the whole of you, has now become Alchemy!

So he went back to his country and called the people to Allah Most High, and benefited the people greatly.

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  1. Lovely story. Thank you…

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