The Victory of Imam al-Husayn

“Who said that victory over the enemy is the goal of the sincere mujahid believer?

He whose goal is victory, only seeks to please his nafs and desires.

And he whose goal is Allah, chooses only what Allah chooses for him.

Allah was not content in making victory over the enemies the reward with which He rewards those who do jihad in His cause. How, and the entire dunya is not worth the wing of a fly in His sight!

If you put the entire dunya together in one morsel, Allah would not care if He put it in the mouth of a kafir, and that is only because of its lowliness in His sight.

No, Allah rewards them by what befits Him, subhanahu wa ta’ala:

“He shall forgive you your sins and admit you into Gardens beneath which rivers flow, and pure habitations in the Gardens of Eternal Abode- and that is the greatest of triumphs!” (61:12)

And the greatest victory for the believer in the dunya is for Allah to give him victory of his own nafs, and to remove from his heart fear of anything other than Allah.”

These are the words that shaykh Muhammad Khalid Thabit wrote in his introduction to the chapter on the great Sanusi mujahid, shaykh Omar al-Mukhtar.

That was from his book The Schools of Love: The Factories of Men!

And the shaykh had every right to include his own father in that book, as one of the true men of Allah who were produced by the schools of love: Love of Allah Most High, love of His Messenger and his family, Salawat Allah alayhim, and love of Deen of Allah and the Men of this Deen.

His father is Khalid Muhammad Khalid, best known for authoring Men Around the Messenger (salla Allahu alayhi wa Alihi wa sallam). But this great man wrote tens of great works about The Messenger of Allah – salla Allahu alayhi wa Alihi wa sallam – and his Companions, ridwan Allah alayhim.

And I just finished reading a true wonder of a book that he has written, for which I hope Allah will reward him with the highest stations in the hereafter: The Sons of the Rasool in Karbalaa’.

And there is a story about this book that his son shaykh Muhammad Khalid Thabit wrote about in The Schools of Love: The Factories of Men. He says:

“Kamal Sulayman was an officer in the Egyptian army, and he was one of the people of the tariq, a lover of Rasool Allah and his Ahlul Bayt. And usually if there are changes in the army, officers would be afraid to be moved to distant areas, except him, for he found uns (comfort) in the faraway lands, away from civilization.

And the first time I had met him was in January 1974, and I was serving in the army back then, and he was the commander of the regiment that I was attached to. I went to him, and brought with me an intercessor to intercede for me because of a long time of absence that I spent away from my duty. I found him sitting on some straw, with a white cap on his head, holding a rosary in his hand. He sat me next to him and asked me about my full name. Then he said: Are you the son of Khalid Muhammad Khalid? I said: Yes. He said: You have been saved! Even if you had brought with you the Minister of Defence, he would not have interceded for you with me, as much as your father’s intercession, even though I have never seen him in my life.

And from that day we became close friends, until he moved to the presence of his Lord in 1999. And every night he would send someone to take me to him, and we would sit and talk until a late time of the night, and he, Allah have mercy on him, would feed me stuffed pigeons and other delicacies.

And he told me of the story behind his forgiving me, and his love of me that lasted until the end of his life:

It was during the War of Attrition (, and those days were of the toughest that he ever went though, and upon many in the army. And one time, he went on a reconnaissance mission with a reconnaissance unit composed of several men and cars, and it is a mission that goes on for several days, and sometimes weeks, in very tough conditions.

He was in such great anguish, that he even described those days as the darkest days of his life, and he even preferred death to them. And in one of those days, he saw in the equipment vehicle a small book that was folded between the top of the car and one of the wheels on top of it. So he reached out to it and read its title: The Sons of the Rasool in Karbalaa’, and he opened the book and began to read. And every time he folded a page to the next one, his hunger for more increased, and his tears would pour out from his eyes in a never-ending stream. And he remained with the book, completely taken by reading it, until he finished it, having shed so many tears that he didn’t know where they came from.

And he felt that he was born anew, and that a mighty force had gone into him, with which he could do anything, and have patience in any situation, so that even sacrificing his life became an easy thing for him. He looked again at the title of the book, but this time he was looking for the name of the author: Khalid Muhammad Khalid. So he raised his hands and prayed for him in all sincerity and depth, and said in his du’a: “Oh Allah, allow me to re-pay him this favor that he did for me!”

And only a few months had passed when he saw me standing in front of him, in trouble, and Allah enabled him to repay my father his favor upon him, through what he did with me, and he assisted me several times in stituations that can never be forgotten, whether during serving in the army, or after. May Allah recompense him for me, the best of recompense!”

And so we return to that book, The Sons of the Rasool in Karbalaa’, and to the king of kings, the martyr of martyrs, the imam of the mujahideen, al-imam al-Husayn ibn Ali, ridwan Allah alayhim.

We return to imam al-Husayn, as he travelled towards al-Kufa, where he had been promised an army of supporters who will fight with him to restore Islam to worthy hands. And yet on the way, he received the news that his representatives in Kufa were killed and crucified, and his supporters completely disbanded.

“What will he do, when he knows that his cousin was killed, and that those who gave him allegiance escaped?

He will not do anything except go forward with his determination. That is because he did not go out to achieve a guaranteed victory. No! He went out to confirm the right of Islam in protecting itself from misguidance and falsehood. And to make up, in his glorious sacrifice, for the sin of silence that the people committed, either in obedience, or against their will!

And let whatever happens after that be!

What mattered to him in essence, was to perform what he saw a holy duty upon him and toward the truth.”

“The great lessons of Karbalaa’ teach us that sacrifice is its own reward, and that as long as it is for the sake of truth, then waiting for a reward for it is ignorance of its worth, unless that expected reward is the pleasure of Allah, His contentment, and His Gardens.

And the meaning of sacrifice being its own reward is not that it deprives its heroes of its virtues and benefits.. But it means that it is elevated with those virtues and benefits to a level of sanctity, to being a great example, to being eternal, to a level in which all the quick booties of the world and its fake glories mean nothing!

The faces of human elevation are many, but the honor of man and his worthiness of life remain, and will always be, folded in his ability for noble and majestic sacrifice for the sake of truth.

And the image that was drawn by the sacrifices of al-Husayn and his family and companions took this honor, and this worthiness, to their highest stations, to their apices.

They did not go forward to a sacrifice from which victory is hoped. No: they went forward to a sacrifice for the sake of the sacrifice itself.

And so they made it a means and an end.

And they confirmed that it is its own reward, and a value in and of itself!”

May Allah give glory to your name oh Abu Abdallah! May Allah give glory to you and your family in this world and the next! And may Allah reward you and your family for teaching us that the sincere believer does not fight for the sake of victory, but because the truth deserves that we fight for it! Because the Deen deserves that we fight for it! Because Allah deserves that we fight for Him! Regardless of the outcome!

The King of Martyrs is Husayn

The King of Kings is Husayn

Husayn’s is the way of life

The Saviour of Islam is Husayn

He gave his head but not his hand into the hand of Yazid

In truth the foundation of La ilaha illa Allah is Husayn.

– Shaykh Muinuddin Chishti

اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا ومولانا محمد خير البرية

وعلى آله في كل لمحة ونفس عدد ما وسعه علم الله

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