Forgotten Sunnah: Read Surah Yasin after Fajr

Bismillahir Rahmanir RaheemRead Surah Yasin after Fajr:

The Hadith mentioned by ‘Ataa bin Abi Rabaah (R.A.) states that the Prophet (S.A.W.) said: “Whosoever recites Surah Yasin in the early part of the day his needs will be fulfilled.” (Mishkaat, Page 189) It is stated in Mirqaat, Sharah Mishkaat under the commentary of the above Hadith that ones worldly needs and the needs pertaining to the Deen and the Hereafter will be fulfilled. (Mirqaat, Sharah Mishkaat, Vol. 4, Page 681)

In light of the Shari’ah the day begins from Subhus Saadiq and ends at sunset. Therefore Surah Yasin can be read after the Fajr Salaah or after sunrise as both fall under the early part of the day as mentioned in the Hadith.

‘Irbaadh bin Saariyah (R.A.) narrates that the Prophet (S.A.W.) used to recite the Musabbihaat, i.e. Surah Hadeed, Surah Hashar, Surah Saff, Surah Jumu’ah and Surah Taghaabun before sleeping and he stated that: “Indeed amongst them is a verse that is more virtuous than a thousand verses. (Abu Dawood, Vol. 2, Page 333, Tirmidhi, Vol. 2, Page 178)
The verse referred to in the above Hadith is “Huwal Awwalu wal Aakhiru waz Zaahiru wal Baatinu wa Huwa bi kulli Shayin ‘Aleem.” (Tafseerul Qur’anil ‘Azeem, Vol. 4, Page 385)

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