The Clouds of Çanakkale

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem


Sohbet given by Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi

Friday 9 Ramazan, 1428 / Septermber 21, 2007
Osmanli Naks-i’bendi Hakkani Dergah, Siddiki Center, New York.

[After the Juma prayer someone asked Sheykh Efendi about the Canakkale
War of 1915 saying, “Many are now saying that the clouds that appeared
in Canakkale taking in British soldiers and disappearing, it’s just a
story. Is it true?”]

Sheykh Efendi: Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim.
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Millions today are making jokes about how the cloud appeared in
Canakkale and took one group of British and just disappeared and still
their bodies are not known anywhere. Now they are making stories. But
people from that time believed because they saw and they witnessed.
After them their children, they are also not believing because it’s
something extraordinary. It’s showing (to the non-Muslim forces that
came against the Ottoman Empire) that the God that you are worshipping
is helping these people and it’s not helping you. So it’s not such a
good position that you want to be in, right? How are you going to say,
“The side that we were fighting against, they were right and the Lord
helped them by sending clouds and everyone disappeared in it.” It
wasn’t just ten people in it.

Not only that but so many other unusual things happened there. Who was
in Canakkale? Our Grandsheykh (Abdullah Daghestani QS). So is it so
hard for us to understand who is making all these things? Heh, there
was a General who didn’t like the Grandsheykh. And a bomb flew and
fell into the area where the Grandsheykh and everyone were in. Almost
everybody died or became wounded. Where Gransheykh was, where it fell,
it just became a big hole and Grandsheykh was sitting and praying
there. The General was shocked and he came down to the Grandsheykh. He
kissed his hand and said, “I didn’t believe in God. I didn’t believe
in anything but I believe you from now on because I have seen with my
eyes what had happened.” He said, “You are a different individual from
everything else.” And that General started following the Grandsheykh.

Not only Grandsheykh but so many other sheykhs and saints entered into
that war. 250,000 people died. It’s not 250. Two hundred and fifty
thousand people died there in that short time. Only from the Turks.
Almost 300,000 died from the other side. Over 300,000 people. You are
talking about more than half a million people dying in those waters
and in those lands there. Everywhere you are stepping on there are
bodies underneath it.

I spent three nights there and early in the morning when I was calling
the Azan… I was calling the Azan very strongly early in the morning,
(there was one tomb, that of Suleyman Pasha, he did great things there
too) near his tomb and I was going there for prayer and you can see in
far distance the lights of the Greek islands there, right on the
border. People came from the other side. In the morning when I was
calling the Azan right before dawn, things were setting down and I was
seeing all these beautiful rains of light coming down. Like rain drops
light was coming down and with that different smells were coming. And
there was a voice speaking to me saying that all those drops are
representing all those soldiers, and everyone has a different smell.
So everywhere I was walking I was seeing different lights. I was
walking, passing through their tomb sites and you would think that
there are so many tombs there but it’s not. In the mountains and
everywhere you see that light connection coming from the Paradise to
there, from their tombs going up.

That’s why people who don’t have strong spirituality cannot live
around there. It’s pretty heavy for them. People who have high
spirituality want to live there all the time but they don’t leave them
too because you discover so many secrets there. It opens up. Unless
you are keeping the secrets, then they keep you there for some time.
Otherwise (they don’t). You can see that all those areas are not
packed up with things. Everywhere is almost empty. In the villages,
you see the people, you look at their faces, no arguments, just peace
coming from their faces and they are always walking, going back and
forth but no talking. No sound. It’s like a dead valley. No sound.
It’s like a different world that you are living in. Even just an
ordinary person can feel that right away and understands that it’s
completely different here now.

Huh, all those soldiers, British, ANZAC, all those are very happy to
be buried there. They are saying, “Mistakenly we have fallen into
Paradise.” (Sheykh Efendi smiles). Everything smells different. The
flowers smell different there, the mountain flowers, they all have
different smells and different colors. You can see that heavenly look
on everything there. All the stones they put there are symbolic. They
are not underneath there. They just carried so many of them and they
buried them in mass graves and they put those stones there. But there
are special places where special incidents happened. Those areas are
completely different. You see how it is there. But you can see it on
the stones. Every stone that you pass, the age that all died were 19,
20, 21.

Did you see the trench? The war trench behind which they were hiding?
You didn’t go there?

`X’: No, I didn’t.

Then you didn’t see anything what the soldiers the built. Do you know
how close they came to each other? From here to there where `Y’ is
sitting [approx. 10 meters]. The world has never seen a war like that
before. Never. No way that it can get that close. You have trenches
here and you have trenches there [Sheykh Efendi pointing to the two
opposite walls of the dergah and the distance between them is about 30
ft.]. That’s how close they got. Everything was so close there. The
fear and the smell of death and the smell of the love of Paradise that
kept those people keep on coming and going. People without faith
cannot stand there. The other ones had no choice because they were
dumped there with ships. So they had no place to go now. So many were
brought from the Subcontinent countries. They were Muslims. Afghanis
and [today’s] Pakistanis. So many were put in ships and brought there
[by the British] to fight the Khalifah’s soldiers. Khalifah’s
soldiers! They didn’t know. They tried to give up but they [the
British] said, “You cannot go anywhere. We will shoot you down into
the water.” So they were fighting.

People are having everything easy now, everybody speaks on everything
and Islam became a game to everybody. A game. Nothing but a game. Not
accepting anything. People gave lives! Not life. Lives! One house
giving three, four sons to die in that war. Can you imagine? Four
sons, five sons died in that war. Three sons died and the husband
died. I met a lady. Looking at her face is like looking at a heavenly
person, as if heaven appeared through her face. It is not sad and it
is not khek khek khek. It is a beauty that is appearing. So beautiful
and calm. She was talking, she was praying and she was saying to me
what happened. The husband died and three sons died. And she was
saying, “Alhamdulillah. I hope I didn’t make a mistake. But I have no
regret. If I had ten sons then I will give again. But I am looking at
the situation of this country now and I am very sad. I think those
ones will be sad too.” Looking at her face, (I saw) Paradise coming
out from her face. And she said that she didn’t cry. She cried from
the pain but she didn’t cry for anything and she was very happy with
what Allah did. Then she was living all these years after that by
herself. She had another daughter and she died too after some time.
And she is still living. Allahu Akbar! People going through all that
pain, do you think it’s easy? Think on it. Just to think on it. So
many people I say these to, they say `Eh.’ I say, “Compare, just
compare with yourself and look what happens.” No comparison.
Impossible to compare. They were believing. That’s all. They were
believing in what they were doing. They were sincere with what they
were doing.

I met another lady. She fixed the whole village with her father’s
death money that was coming. The government was not taking care of the
tombs of the people, okay? And he was one of the persons who died in
Canakkale and it’s near the village there. So they brought him to the
village and they put him there and at that time the government put
money out saying they have to take care of those areas. They did it.
Then [later] everything was falling down. So she was showing me the
tomb site that she fixed and she was saying to me, “He fixed it
himself.” I said, “How it happened?” She goes, “Everything was falling
down and the little money that they were giving me from the government
for my father’s death, I saved little for me for whatever was
necessary for me to live on, and the rest to this village. He is in
the grave and with his money we are still living. He is in the grave.
With his money we are still living. The village is still living with
the money that is coming because of him. And they are fixing his tomb
with his money.” Allah, Allah. Unusual things are happening around

Astaghfirullah al-Azim wa atubu ilaih.


Ottoman soldiers praying before battle


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