Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi in Hyderabad Article

Bismillahir Rahmanir RaheemAn article from the Bharat News Service on Shaykh Abdul Kerim’s trip to India:


Headline: The Purpose of Worship is not to Feed the Ego, but to Come
Closer to Your Lord.

Caption: Sincerity and pleasure are necessary in every worship. The
American Spreader of Islam Mawlana Abdul Kerim spoke in a gathering in
Katoli Choki.

Hyderabad, July 29th. Bharat News Service.

Picture Caption: The Famous Spreader of Islam from America, Mawlana
Sayyid Abdul Kerim Kibrisi Nakshibendi can be seen on the right of
Mawlana Shah Muhammad Tajuddin Taji Nizami.

Because they don’t have sincerity and pleasure in their worship, the
Muslims of today are making worship to show off to others, even though
worship should only be for the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and His Holy
Prophet (AS) and to decorate his afterlife. The purpose of worship is
not to feed the ego; in fact, it is to come closer to Allah (SWT). The
masjids must be occupied by the Muslims for them to gain the Mercy of
Allah (SWT). It is not enough for the masjids to be occupied, but the
worship made therein should have sincerity and pleasure in it so that
Allah (SWT) may accept our worship and so that we will be not humiliated
in front of the Beloved Messenger (AS) on the Day of Judgment.

This message was delivered by a Wise Person, Scholar of Islam, Mawlana
Sayyid Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi Nakshibendi, who is spreading Islam in the
West, especially in America. He is the leader of the Khanqah in New York
that is called the Osmanli Dergahi where thousands of Christians have
accepted Islam and are receiving spiritual blessings.

In his first trip to India he is staying in Hyderabad for three days. In
B.R. Nagar, Katoli Choki, a Sohbet gathering was held where the teaching
was how to receive blessings from Dergahs and to have a proper belief,
and there was a Zikr gathering held. Mawlana Muhammad Tajuddin Taji
Nizami was the host of the gathering and arranged for the gathering. In
this gathering there were special guests who came not only from India,
but also from America, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Mr.
Muhammad Abdul Mannan Kanwayz received the Sheykh.

Mawlana Abdul Kerim said that the Dergahs have left their purpose and
now have become only empty buildings, although from the time of the
Tabi-Tabieen and the Mujtahid Imams, the spiritual message of Islam was
spread from the Dergahs. Also, it was from the Dergahs that the Holy
Awliya spread the message of Allah (SWT) and His Prophet (AS) in the
best way to the masses that were lost without it. He said that today the
Muslims have become divided, and for that reason the non-Muslims are
using different strategies to keep us under their feet. Especially the
Jews and Christians, wanting us to become scattered, have produced new
groups within Islam. And the aim of these new groups is only to take the
love of the Prophet (AS) out of the hearts of those who have faith.

Amongst those who attended the gathering were Yasin Aziz (America),
Ismail Hoja (Turkey), Fakhruddin Hoja (Turkey), Hyder Ali (America),
Muhammad Mesut (Pakistan), Omar Siddiqi (Syria), Ahmet Jan (Turkey),
Erdem Kahyaoglu (Syria), Muhammad Riyaz (Sri Lanka), M.A. Razak (Sri
Lanka), Sheykh Abid Bin Usman al-Amoodi, Habib Ali Jilani, and others
were present. A young singer of Naats, Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba Hussain sang
Naat-e-Sherif and Salam to the Best of Creation (AS). Mr Muhammad
Qutubuddin Architect thanked the guests for attending. Muhammad Abdul
Mannan Kanwayz presented gifts to the special guests of the gathering.
Mr. Muhammad Habib-ur-Rahman was in charge of arrangements. The
gathering was ended after Zikr when Shaykh Abdul Kerim Kibrisi
Naqshbandi made a duaa that brought tears to everyone’s eyes.



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