About looking ..

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
We are learning from the words of our Grandsheikh, I
am speaking as I heard from him; he was speaking about
looking. Everything in Islam is divided into two parts,
permitted and prohibited. Looking is a most important
action. From every holy book and Prophet, servants
are ordered to keep themselves from every prohibited
thing. We have a responsibility, especially in Tariqat,
to be very careful, as every trouble for man is coming
from his looking to prohibited things. These things are
prohibited because there is harm in them. When you
look to harâm women, that looking is a poison arrow
from Satan into your heart. You will find pain. It makes
your faith mixed up and going down. For example, a
nail in a tire will cause the car to stop or go out of con-
trol. Satan’s aim is only to hearts. You must protect
your heart. You can’t move on with a flat tire.

Therefore, looking is very important. If a man is not
keeping his eyes from unlovely places, the least amount
of harm coming to him is that he loses manpower, he
becomes useless with his own lady. One keeping his
eyes is always strong, therefore, prophets and saints are
never losing their power. Our Grandsheikh married af-
ter he was 100 years old. Once walking in the street and
passing a store window, filled with things leading peo-
ple to fornication, he said to me: «Oh Nazim Efendi, if a
man is looking to these things without taking wisdom,
he is a sinner, and wasting his sight without benefit.»
Wisdom means knowing more about one’s Lord. Wa-
sting the light of our eyes, prevents light from coming
on the eyes in our heart. We become blind. When lea-
ving the eyes to look for the ego’s pleasure without fear
of the Lord, in the eyes gathers the darkness of fornica-
tion. To look at young boys is seven times worse than
looking at women. Those things keep us from impro-
ving and reaching our destinations. Our egos keep us in
the darkness of the world, too weighed down to journey
to the heavens. We must try for improvement in the
Divine Presence. It is not so important to read books or
know Qur’ân and Hadith. It is important to keep your
eyes. If doing this, you are an important person, not on
earth but in the heaven. There you are permitted to
look on the Divine Lights of your Lord’s face. Every dir-
ty place is a forbidden place. Don’t look on dirty things
or you will be denied Heavenly Lights. Also forbidden
is looking to the bad actions of others. For example, I
was coming from Hejaz with Grandsheikh and saw one
man shaving his beard after the pilgrimage. I said: «Oh
master, look.» He shouted: «No, don’t look!», because
shaving beard is a no-good action. Allah created it for
the beauty of man. Can you imagine a lion without his
mane? He would look like a monkey. With a beard man
is complete. It is the distinction between men and wo-
men. Therefore, Allah is inspiring the younger genera-
tion to let their beard grow. All the Prophets were ha-
ving beards, it is enough for us to look like them. Don’t
look to a person doing a bad thing.

* * *

Shaykh Mawlana Nazim Adil al-Hakkani

Mercy Oceans – Book 2


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