SunniPath on Tawassul, Tabarruk, & Istigatha

Tawassul / Tabarruk / Istigatha

Are prophets alive in their graves?:

How Does One Make Tawassul Through The ProphetMHMD?:

Isn’t Tawassul Just A Form Of Shirk?:

Tawassul of `Umar through al-`Abbas (Allah be pleased with them):

Abu Hanifa & Tawassul:

Al-Shafi`i’s Tawassul with Abu Hanifa – Allah be well-pleased with them:

Tabarruk, Istighatha, Ghayb:

Seeking blessings through the righteous (tabarruk):

Making tawassul through one’s actions:

Tawassul Through the Awliya:

Sunni Saint Worshippers?:

Istighatha: Calling Someone Other Than Allah for Help:

Calling on Other than Allah?

Do the Deceased Attend Dhikr Gatherings?

Is it true that there is ‘blatant shirk’ in many parts of the Qasida Burda?:


One response to “SunniPath on Tawassul, Tabarruk, & Istigatha

  1. I love ur website oh true ahlesunnah good work ..may allah bless u people for propogating true islam..its a slap on the wahabi lanat ullah..they r hiding behind us and misguiding people

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