SunniPath on Dhikr: Its Types and Forms

Gatherings of Dhikr & Its Types/Forms

Gatherings of Dhikr:

Sidi Gibril on: The Permissibility of Loud Dhikr:

An Analysis of the evidence supporting the permissibility of Majalis (gatherings) of Dhikr:

Dhikr – Remembrance of God:

Prayer Beads: An Innovation?:

Group Dhikr: Permissible?:

Dhikr Performed in a Group:

The Permissibility of Loud Group Dhikr:

Is a weekly group dhikr an innovation?:

Dhikr: The Companions, Groups, and Methods:

Group Dhikr of Particular Divine Names:

Prescribed numbers in dhikr:

The Khatm al-Khawajagan:

What is the benefit of reciting the litanies (ahzab, awrad) ascribed to the major Sufis:

Group Dhikr with Movement:

The Hadra: Is the group dhikr with singing of poetry and rhythmic swaying permitted?:

The Sufi Hadra:


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