“Mureeds should not eat out at restaurants”

A short talk by Shaykh Abdul Kerim advising mureeds on the Naqshbandi path to avoid eating out at restaurants:

Some points made:

1) The amount of money it costs to feed one person at a restaurant could be used to feed ten people if you went and bought from a supermarket.

2) Traveling is no excuse.

3) Especially in this [western] country, the food at restaurants is cooked and prepared without the name of Allah (swt), and instead, with curses.

4) It would be a greater blessing to buy the food and prepare it yourselves and to then sit and eat.

5) For those claiming to follow Shaykh Mawlana, that’s also what he does – to prepare food ahead of time before traveling or to stop and buy from a supermarket.

Finally, an interesting article posted by Yursil on the Halal/Zabiha industry scam: http://www.yursil.com/blog/2009/01/halaalzabihah-industry-scam/


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