Sohbet (Suhba) from Shaykh Abdul Kerim

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

A collection of discourses from my beloved shaykh

Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi


Jummah Khutba: Learn About Ahirat

Jummah Khutba: Believers Look with the Nur of ALLAH

Honor of Being Human is Only in Taqwa and Servanthood to ALLAH

Jummah Khutba: Standing at the Door of Thankfulness

Jummah Khutba: Do Not Miss Jummah for Business; Prepare for Mehdi (as) Prophet Isa (as)

The World Lost Its Compass; The Dirtiness of Nuclear War

Jummah Khutba: No Paradise Without Good Manners

Wake up! Run from the Confusion of Sheytan!

Muslims Adopting Christian Ways

Infinite Mercy of Allah Almighty

Story of the Titanic

Be Prepared for Mehdi

Your Sheykh Is Higher Than You

Nominees of Paradise

The Value of Life

Quakes in Izmir

Being Busy With Malayani

Hutbe: The Heart’s Throne

Hold To The Rope of Allah

Hutbe: Loving Who Allah Loves

Meaning of Beyat

Honor Holy Days and Nights

Hostility Against Awliya

Knowing What Is For You

Having Good Manners

Peace Comes with the Ottomans

No Retirement for Sultan ul-Awliya

Disobedience is Cause of War

Participation in Zikir Correctly

Superiority Among Servants

The Act of Life

Good News and Warning

Reliance on Allah for Provision

We Are Ottomans

The Second Jahiliyya

The Opposite of Submission

Fighting the Ego

Honored Children of Adam

The Ascension of Jesus (as)

Manners and Discipline



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