The Highest Point of Selfishness

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

“What is the highest point of selfishness?” asks our Grandshaykh.  “It is egotism, and it is the worst character in a man.  It means that such a man cannot carry anything contrary to his will.  He must always do as he likes or he will be angry.  There is no speaking against his opinion.  He has no respect for the ideas of anyone else, and he won’t admit that he is wrong.”

Ego is the attribute of Pharoah.  It demands always to be chief, to dominate.  It is the character of Satan, the worst character of the nafs, and the last to leave man.  The love of being chief!  If there were only two people on earth, you would see it!

It is so difficult to rid a person of egotism.  To conquer it is like trying to kill a snake, when the head is cut off the tail still wiggles!  It is the aim of the tariqats, especially Naqshbandiyya, to eradicate this evil character.

-Shaykh Mawlana Nazim – Mercy Oceans, page 30


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