Salahadin (R) on Sending Salawat with Adhan

Imam Abdul-Wahhâb ash-Sha’rani (R) states:

“In the days of the Rawâfid[1] rulers, in Egypt the law stated that salâm was to be sent upon the khalîfa of the time and his governors after the adhan. When Ruler, Bi-Amrullâh died and his sister became ruler, salâm had to be sent upon her and her female governors. But when the righteous sultan, Salâhuddîn Ayyûbî (R) became leader, he removed this bid`a (reprehensible innovation) and replaced it with the order for the mu’adhdhins of every city and district to send salât and salâm upon the Holy Messenger (saw). Allah reward him with good for doing this.”
(Abdul-Wahhâb ash-Sha’rani, Kashful-Ghumma, p. 98)

[1] Rawâfid: Extremist Shi’ahs.

Muhammad Shafî` Owkarwî, Anwâr-e-Risâlat, Hissa awwal
(Diyâ’ul-Qur’ân Publishers, Lahore).

Translated by `abd Da`if: Rafiq Ahmad


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