Adab of Visiting the Tomb/Maqam of a Saint

Questioner: “Like you said when you go to makam.. In order to ask for something, do we put our hands like in prayers? from the saints? or do we say respectfully… what is the proper protocol to ask from the saints?”

Shaykh Abdul Kerim:

You are not asking from the saint. You are not asking from the saint.

You are asking from Allah, but you are asking for the behalf of that Saint. You are saying “Ya Rabbi! This is what my need is, but I know that I am not worthy. My worth is not reaching to you. Because of this one I am asking, this one is beloved to you! I am asking because of this one, that I came *here*!.”

That’s all. You are not asking from a saint.

But, if you are asking, depending to your sincerity. If you are asking sincerely and if you don’t have any better knowledge than that. That is a different story. But if you are, like somebody like you, questioning so many times different things, and asking from the saint, then you are committing shirk that time.

Everything is depending to the levels of the people’s understanding. In India, the people they go and they believe one hundred percent that its going to happen from that saint, and it happens to them.

Try to change the minds of those people, you will invent confusion to them. So you leave them alone, don’t interfere. Is that the real way it is happening? No.

Everything happens through that one’s hand!

The living saint, the living saint also is not giving you something but is taking something from Allah and gives to you. But to you, you know that one. But to him, he is a servant, taking from Allah and giving.

Certain people you dont go confusing them. Understand?

Now according to the individuals faith, whichever side is working, you leave it. But if you are reaching to higher station of knowledge and you are going asking from that one… it is not too intelligent. Understanding?

Everything in the hand of Allah SubhanuatAllah. But Allah has given the treasury of the world to hand of one saint, if you are looking for that treasury, then you ask from that ones behalf and that one will give it to you. It is a different story, depending on peoples level of the faith.

Once upon a time, Khizr (AS) is passing from one area, and he is seeing a man going up to the mountain. And as soon as he reaches up to the mountain. He sits down, and puts his head between his leg and crawls down, rolling down all the way down, down to the mountain. He gets up and goes back up and goes down again.

Saying “Ya Rabbi, what is this servant is doing?”

Word is reaching to him, “He is worshiping”.

Saying “Ya Rabbi, you have taught us, you have sent us the Prophet, to teach us how to worship. This one doesn’t know, grow up in the mountain. So.. I may teach…”

Says, “Go and teach him, go and tell him that is the way, that to do, the right way.”

So Khizr came, and says to him “Welcome Salamu’alaikum,” “walaikumassalam”

Says, “What are you doing?”


He says, “But the prophet came to teach us how we are going to worship, and this is the better way of worshiping.”

So he watch and he says “Yeah, that’s good, I like it better.” So he starts doing it.

And Khizr (AS) walking.. there is a sea. Start walking on top of the sea going to the other side.

That one now he says “Allahuakbar” now is thinking, which one was I supposed to do first? To go to rukuh or go to sajdah first? He forgot instantly. So he’s thinking saying, “Instead of making wrong, let me run to catch that man to teach me the right way again. So he starts running after Khizr..

“Please, I forgot which one is first the ruku or the sajda?”

Khizr is looked at him, he is standing on top of the sea and he is standing with him (on the sea). He says to him, “You know what, go and do what you were doing. Don’t change anything!”.

The whole aim of this worshipness and everything that we are doing, we are trying to become a good servant of Allah. That one through that way, that he was doing, that he was so sincere, doing it for Allah’s sake, He already reached to that station. So Khizr looked, says, “don’t confuse yourself, all these years whatever you have learned and whatever you did, continue doing that sincere way!” He didn’t said to him “Oh, you are standing here with me”… said “Go and do it, live that way”.

So depending to individuals level of faith. If you are learning and knowing certain things then you are under obligation to follow that. But if you are a complete sincere person and doesnt have too much knowledge and you doing certain things… Ahir Zaman (End of Times)!

That is what Holy Prophet (S) saying, little that you know, continue doing that little. Continuously. Don’t go searching too much, because there will be confusion everywhere.

That is why people go around searching so much… in Turkish we say…”If you circle around too much you will step on the waste”. And that is what happens to so many people. There are not satisfied with finding something.

Taken from:


[ Maqam of Sultanul Awliya, Shaykh Abdullah al-Faiz Daghestani (qs),

at the Osmanli Dergahi, New York]


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