The Way of Ahl al-Sunnah: “Mind, Body, Soul”

The Way of Ahl al-Sunnah

From: “Mind, Body, Soul

Wearing Two Garments & Superiority of the Shalwar:

Rubbing of Two Eyes During Adhan/Iqama:

Qalansuwa – Sunnah of the Taj:

Turban, Cane, and Cloak of Prophet Muhammad (S):

Prophet (S) Wore Long Shirts [Qamis]:

Hazrat Bilal’s (R) Salawat Before the Adhan:

The Adhan Performed with Salawat in Ottoman Times:

Hadith About the 40 Abdals (Saints):

Staying up From Fajr to Ishrak:

Taking Salt Before and After Each Meal:

Praying Speed Hadith:

Laying on the Side Before/After Fajr:

God’s Pleasure in Perfect Tajweed or a Pure Heart?:

Taking Blessing from the Hair of The Prophet (S):

The Importance of Saying “Allah, Allah”:

The Sunnah of Wearing Kohl:

Kohl & Lead Concerns:

Hadith on Loud Dhikr & Gatherings of Dhikr:

Simple Points on Intercession:

Narration on Kissing the Hand & Feet:

More Narrations on Kissing the Hand & Feet:

SunniPath: Kissing Feet and Prostration:

The Sunnah of These Times:

The Quran on Following Those Who Ask No Fee:

Imam Ghazzali (KS) on Spiritual Experiences of the Sufis:

Please note that these entries are meant mainly for myself and like-minded readers. I do not wish to enter into any form of debate or polemical discussion; any comments seeking to do so will be deleted.


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